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Domain names are unique identities which enable businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate and conduct commerce on the Internet.

Optimus Infosoft being the International Premier Partner of Direct Information Pvt. Ltd. in India makes easier for you when it comes to Domain Name Registration.

Optimus Infosoft provide Domain Registration Solutions for global top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info, enabling individuals, companies and organizations to establish a unique identity on the Internet. Our customers register domain names through our website.

For Corporate clients, we understand their need to conduct businesses beyond country boundaries and their concern about brand name protections in overseas markets. We have therefore expanded our domain name registration services to include country code top-level domains. We offer registration services for domain names in country code top-level domains around the world.

web hosting


All the Web sites developed by Optimus Infosoft are hosted on dedicated servers co-located at reputed Data Centers in United States.

Our Servers uses multi-levels of redundancy for Internet connectivity and power supply, which means in case one route goes down the others, are there to provide the connectivity, providing 99% server up time.

We offer our customers the fastest, most reliable and cost effective hosting plans available. Our hosting services and integrated commerce services allow for better customer service and exceptional reliability.

We also provide optional hosting plans that suit our customer's requirements.